Re-Build Syria exhibition

We Must Open the Door of Opportunities. But We Must Equip Our People To Walk Through It.


Re-Build Syria Exhibition is an annual event to provide the best materials for the rebuilding of the country; it is specialized in fields of construction, energy, water treatment and covering every field under the reconstruction process.

With every year, Re-Build Syria has been growing and attracting more positive attention from all over the world; Exhibitors, businessmen delegations, and investors are taking part of the massive construction opportunities in Syria

Re-Build Syria, is the biggest exhibition in Syria concerned in providing the most sophisticated and cutting-edge equipments from Syria and across the world.

This event is under the patronage of the Syrian Government and the cooperation of the Ministry of Public Works. It is considered a connection point between the governmental sectors in Syria and the local & International companies  by providing the perfect platform for B2B meetings.


Considering the huge ruin that was caused by the war, Syria now is one of the most rivaling countries in the Middle East for having a huge number of upcoming projects, therefore it is in dire need for investors, new equipments and working hands to help with continuing the rebuilding process which has already started in the safe cities in Syria.

The Rehabilitation of Syria Extends to:

  • Rebuilding and reconstruction
  • Electricity
  • water treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • bridges & railroads
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Banking & Investments
  • Real Estate Development.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Hospitals & Schools.
  • Plastic, Packing, Packaging & Petrochem
  • Security & Fire Protection.
  • Heavy Machinery & Vehicles

In addition to more sectors.

The rebuilding of Syria has been estimated by the government to cost up to ($500 Billion).

If opportunity doesn’t knock, we build you the door for a better future. Be with us in the biggest event in Syria and have the chance to enter the most growing market in the world to have a part of the upcoming rebuilding projects in the country.