After the absence of 17 years .. Syria to the White List of the International Maritime Organization


The Ministry of Transport announced that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has approved the entry of Syria into the White House.

The White List shall be issued by the International Maritime Organization and shall include all States Parties to the Convention which have fully implemented the provisions of the International Convention that comply with the 1978 Standards of Training,The director of the Maritime Training and Training Institute at the Ministry of Transport,

Mohamed Al-Ahmad, said that after 17 years of absence, the ministry was able to obtain the required approvals and guidelines from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the points and items that must be included in the Syrian file.On the importance of the white list,

Al-Ahmad explained that it is considered the nerve of training and maritime qualification without which it is not possible to issue certificates of competence or competence internationally approved marine, which will reduce the material costs paid in foreign currencies by half.Al-Ahmad pointed out that this will contribute to attracting Arab students to study in Syria, in addition to developing all aspects of the maritime work, encouraging investment in this field and encouraging ship owners to register their ships in Syria.

Al-Ahmad added that the Foundation has worked on translating all laws, decisions, administrative orders and instructions related to its work, in particular the STCOW agreement and all the information related to education, training, examinations, competencies and certificates. In addition, Polish Classification Authority “.