An environmentally friendly industrial zone in the countryside of Damascus


Special sources in the province of the countryside of Damascus, the existence of a project to establish an industrial zone is environmentally friendly, in the province of Damascus countryside, specifically in the area of ​​Alkaswa.

According to these sources, the most important determinants of this site comes from the fact that it extends south of the city of Damascus at a distance of 24 kilometers and south-east of a residential complex called Khirbet al-Shayab at a distance of about 3400 meters, 1300 meters).

 These sources indicated that this proposed industrial estate will include production plants, residential units and social, educational and recreational facilitiesAnd on how the industrial city will be environmentally friendly, unlike other industrial cities in the rest of the provinces, the source said that will work to achieve the new international standards for advanced industrial companies.

It is noteworthy that the number of industrial zones in Syria is (7) areas where there is the peaceful area of ​​building materials in Damascus, the area of ​​Hush Blas Industries and metal trades, and Bab Musli for food industries, and Zabltani area of ​​tanning and weaving, and industrial free zone Badra. And the industrial city of Badra.

In addition, the industrial area of ​​Hassia was reopened after the war and is expected to be one of the most important industrial zones in the Middle East