Up to 900 investors and over 800 production facilities at Hassia Industrial City

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Around 898 investors and 222 production facilities, with a capital estimated at SYP 58.42 billion, are operating in Hassia Industrial Homs, providing 7,480 job opportunities.

The number of facilities under construction reached 676 with a capital of up to SYP 128.6 billion which will offer more than 17,000 job opportunities.

, Director of Hassia industrial city, Bassam Mansour, underlined its key role in maintaining its continuity and operational processes, overcoming obstacles and providing necessary industrial requirements with the aim of supporting local production.

The industrial city is divided into 4 parts for the food, chemical, textile and mechanical engineering industries, he added.

He noted to the negative consequences of the current crisis on industrial sector in Syria as several public and private facilities went out of production, industrialists, workers and technicians were forced to leave, not to mention the rise in manufacturing costs.

Al-Mansour highlighted support provided for owners of war-affected facilities which help establish a state of recovery in industry sector, indicating that the industrial city is witnessing a gradual development and the introduction of new facilities to job market.

He reported total revenue of SYP 1.330 billion for the third quarter of 2018.