Syrian and Iraqi talks in Baghdad to develop relations of economic and trade cooperation


Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani discussed with Syrian Ambassador in Baghdad Sattam Jadaan Al-Dandh the prospects for enhancing and developing mechanisms of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries

During the meeting, al-Ani described the two countries’ relations as “historical, eternal and developed, especially on the social and geographical levels that bind the two brotherly peoples.” He pointed out that the volume of trade exchange reached an advanced level estimated at four billion dollars in previous years

He stressed the Iraqi minister to strive to advance relations, trade exchange between the two countries, and return them to normal level

He said that “we need economic integration to compete with other industries in countries began to dominate the markets and became a huge potential, which requires the activation of the law to protect the national product,” pointing to the start of his country to take decisions and steps aimed at supporting Iraqi national industries,

The Iraqi-Syrian Joint Cooperation Committee will resume its activities in the light of the agreement on economic cooperation and trade exchange signed between the two countries, which emerged from the joint committee, which held meetings in Baghdad and Damascus, during which the signing of minutes of agreements and the formation of a joint Syrian-Iraqi Business Council and support the development of relations in the commercial field and the opening of an exhibition of ready-made clothes at Baghdad International FairIn turn,

Ambassador Al-Dandah expressed Syria’s desire to enhance trade relations between the two countries through opening border ports and increasing the volume of trade exchange and solving all the outstanding issues created by the circumstances surrounding the region due to terrorism as well as the possibility of establishing trade exchanges between the two countries to transport goods and foodstuffs Iraq