Syria is coming on the most important phase investment will not have an instance in the  world


Syrian Prime Minister Emad Khamis said during a meeting to follow up on the national framework for regional planning that Syria is on the most important stage of investment, which will have no parallel in the world, especially attracting capital, pointing out that our country will be the most important investment destination for the coming years.

“He added that most countries have a direct and indirect interest in entering and investing in Syria. Therefore, we must be prepared to do so at all levels, calling on all ministries and sectors to mobilize and strengthen the ranks. Carr and her intersection is something we will not give up.

Khamis pointed out the importance of identifying the need for each sector of projects, collecting data from the ministries and identifying their needs and geographical distribution. In parallel, a comprehensive long-term plan should be drawn up at the national level and the future need of the country in all projects should be defined according to the population growth in any region of Syria.

The Commission has a map identifying the need, from housing to large projects.Stressing that we are in front of an important stage in building Syria, requires a qualitative leader and quality cadres and work qualitatively to achieve the required for the next stage.