A land transport company and a center for Syrian exports in the UAE within weeks

Rebuild Syria

 The head of the Exporters Union Mohammad Al-Sawah said that within a few weeks the center of exports, warehousing warehouses and shipping companies will be in the UAE

He pointed out that the members of the union who are part of the delegation of Syrian businessmen in the UAE started yesterday a series of meetings to implement the plan, which he put, noting that the delegation is still in the UAE to follow up the establishment of the center of exports

He also attended the meeting of the Syrian-UAE Private Sector Forum which was held today in Abu Dhabi. The UAE side welcomed the proposal made by the President of the Syrian Exporters Union, Mohammed Al-Sawah, for the establishment of a transport company and a center for Syrian exports in the UAE.Al-Sawah stressed that the transport company will be of great size and this means that it will operate in a regional way in the import and export to and from and through the two countries, while the Syrian exports in the UAE will strengthen the presence of Syrian products in the UAE markets, which will also allow them to be transferred to the markets of other countries. Starting from Dubai or Abu Dhabi

The President of the Exporters’ Union considered that the visit of the economic delegation to Abu Dhabi is part of the movement that Syria is doing to meet the economic relations with other countries in a deliberate manner and in order to achieve added value to the Syrian economy, which started to emerge from the war and on the path to recovery

The establishment of a Syrian export center in Dubai, which includes huge warehouses linked to a high-level maritime transport company between Syrian exporters and UAE businessmen, will help the growth of the Syrian exports through the transport network to the Gulf countries and the migration of goods to East Asia