New projects to promote air transport and reconstruction service 


The Ministry of Transport confirmed that it has developed a new strategy for the advancement of all transport sectors based on the available resources available to it and its affiliates, where the order is in two directions: the first investment of the existing and develop in line with the requirements of the next phase, and the second work to rehabilitate what is destroyed by terrorism, Reform and invest in a way that serves the infrastructure and service for reconstruction

Private sources in the ministry explained that the strategy that was developed for the development of the air transport sector included nine basic projects promised by the ministry is very important should be implemented during the current year if possible, especially the reconstruction of engines, aircraft and others in order to attract the largest number of domestic and international flights and tourism through Increase the number of aircraft in the air transport fleet and replace its old aircraft, based on the nine projects

The importance of this strategy is to increase the number of airports and expand the level of services provided while maintaining safety and safety by studying the establishment of a new airport or expanding the current airport to meet all the requirements of international airports and accommodate about 25 million passengers annually, In some provinces and the transfer of Tartous agricultural airport to a civilian airport, where these projects were put with the Russian side during the meetings of the joint committee between the two countries was also put during the meeting mentioned the purchase of navigation aids.

In addition, nine of the nine transport projects in the plan for the current year include the rehabilitation of the airfield at Damascus International Airport, the rehabilitation of the fountains, the construction and maintenance of roads and squares at the airport, the rehabilitation of the navigation lighting system at Aleppo International Airport, the rehabilitation of the landing strip, Martyr Bassel Al-Assad International, where it was approved by the Supreme Planning Council, and is now in the process of completing the required approvals and put them into actual implementation soon