Opportunities to boost investment and increase exports between Syria and Pakistan and mutual opposition among them


The head of the Syrian Economic Group, Dr. Mohammad al-Jabali, announced an agreement with the Federation of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce to increase trade exchange between the two countries and the continuation of work to exempt Syrian imports from customs duties.

Al-Jabali said that he met with the president of the Pakistani Federation Junaid Ismael in Pakistan, discussed ways of cooperation between the two countries and discussed a joint work plan that allows opening new markets for Syrian and Pakistani products and holding periodic exhibitions between them.

The two sides discussed means of encouraging investment in both countries, especially Syria, which started the stage of recovery and stability with great support to revitalize the economic movement, facilitate investor’s affairs, develop business in both countries, and create investment opportunities in Syrian and Pakistani markets with the aim of boosting investment and increasing exports.

It was agreed to coordinate with all economic entities in Syria, arrange the logistical work for the establishment of exhibitions between the two countries and discuss all that serves their commercial interests and encourage mutual visits between businessmen.