Syria Towers project is back in downtown Damascus


The Syrian Ministry of Tourism announced that Syria Holding Company has started work on the Syrian Towers project in Al-Baramkeh area in Damascus after a stopover for years.

With the company confirming its commitment to a timetable for implementation

The Syrian towers project is two towers with 60 floors and the second tower is slightly less than the first. The land area is 33,000 square meters. The project will be designed in harmony with the surrounding area and includes the following:

Office buildings are specially built and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the comfort of their employees

– A five star hotel with international management with its complementary activities, offering its guests the best services and meeting the needs of business or leisure travelers. The hotel also has a state-of-the-art conference center,

– The mall includes a variety of shops

– Restaurants and cafés that cater to the tastes of the city’s residents and visitors through the provision of local and international food items in a contemporary atmosphere

– A sophisticated entertainment center and cinemas offering visitors the latest movies

Underground parking provides an easy place to get in and out of carsThe project is strategically located in the center of the capital and it is expected that the “Syrian Towers” will bring a new touch of modernity to the historic city and become a milestone in the urban landscape of the Mashreq region.