Syriascape Exhibition

Extensive Publicity and Promotion for Exhibitors at SyriaScape 2023

Why SyriaScape?

-As a retailer you will source leasing opportunities, discover new trends and introduce your brand to a host of international visitors and exhibitors.

-As an investor you will discover the latest retail projects from established and emerging markets, and build new relationships.

-As a developer you will have the opportunity to showcase your projects to a retail audience and network with decision makers from across the world.

-As a visitor you will witting the joint ventures, exchange views, seek upcoming brands and look for investment opportunities.

Marketing and PR Support

A whole publicity campaign is carefully designed to help maximize the business opportunities offered by the exhibition.

Showcase cutting edge architectural design, construction methodology and generate new investment opportunities, Direct mailing to the region’s key decision makers Promotions in trade Magazines, Newspapers and Newsletters.

Syria is Emerging as a Key Player in the real estate sector

While regional cash is one powerful factor driving growth in Syria, from the stoke market to banking, industry, trade, hospitality and tourism, there are also other factors behind the emergence of Damascus as a regional center for real estate investment activity.

Syrian expatriates in the gulf, beneficiaries of the surging income from the oil boom, have jumped into the real estate market in Syria and surrounding countries.

The Syrian economy

The Syrian economic state is progressing and developing for many reasons such as:

Large land spaces and large population, great resources reserve from oil and gas, massive electricity production which is offered for cheaper rates than other neighboring countries, in addition to low laborers rate.

Syria: the right time & place for regional Real Estate exhibition

With the hyper active and very emerging market and financial powerhouses moving in to offer business-friendly banking services from finance to insurance, where better to hold a top middle-east-focused real estate fair than in the cosmopolitan, business-oriented, liberal and thriving Damascus. The city’s strategic and important location offers easy access to all emerging Middle East’s real estate markets.

Syria is the right place for showcasing the investment opportunities in the region.

The event supports real estate growth worldwide to an international audience, highlighting iconic architecture, significant developments and unparalleled investment opportunities.

Engage with a powerful network of regional and international contacts and develop new business opportunities or partnerships.

Access the latest updates and exclusive offers, whether you’re looking for your first home or an attractive investment opportunity.

Maximize your real estate investment, discuss market trends, and acquire important information before finalizing your purchase and network with potential business contacts

Why it's important for you to be there?

SyriaScape 2023 exhibition is your way to achieve success by:

Reach buyers and decision makers from Syria, the Middle east and worldwide.

Generate new leads

-Showcase new products.

Establish your presence in a growing market.

Be where the world leaders are.

Appoint new agents and distributors.

The extensive broadcasted by several TV channels, local and international radio stations and press.

Profile Information

  • New projects
  • Real estate
  • Land owner
  • Residential projects
  • Commercial centers
  • Offices projects
  • Contractors
  • Developers, Related services
  • Resorts
  • Theme parks
  • Time share
  • Real estate consultants
  • Brokers
  • Investment houses
  • Financial houses
  • Banks
  • Interior designers
  • Consulting firms
  • Engineering services
  • Architects
  • Interior suppliers
  • Decorators

Al-Bashek for Trading & Fairs is working to bring new experiences and the latest investment projects through “SyriaScape 2023”.

This event is the fourth international trade exhibition for real estate investment, industrial investment, banking services and power trade show In Syria.

Photo Gallery from Syriascape Exhibitions