Syriastone Exhibition

The 8th international trade exhibition in the middle east and Syria specialized in materials, equipment and accessories of: stone, marble, basalt, granite, mosaic, tiles and sanitary wares.

Syria Stone 8th it is an annual event meant to focus on developments of Stone materials, equipment and accessories.

At the heart of the industry – good for   business

If you are seeking to optimally position your company on the international market for natural stone and stone processing, then exhibiting at SYRIA STONE is exactly right for you. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and boost your business.

The special shows will focus on Material & Application, Material & Processing and Gravestones, and are sure to attract a high-caliber professional audience.

This makes SYRIA STONE the ideal trade fair for making new contacts, nurturing existing business relationships and shaping together the future of the natural stone industry.

The entire market at a glance: the product range

Material: natural stone, ceramics, engineered stone | Technology, equipment | Industrial safety and environmental protection | Construction chemicals | Construction | Gravestones, grave design and decoration | Historic preservation | Design | Services

And there are more reasons to share with us :

Secure the future – gain new customers!

SYRIA STONE offers you excellent opportunities for making new contacts. Be there and show your presence! New ideas and valuable impetus are created in dialogue – and, of course, new business contacts too.

Accurate! You’re guaranteed to reach your target group here

Here you get talking to your target audience and find out at first-hand what products and services are in demand and what issues your customers are concerned about. Present your products and services in an environment geared exclusively to your target group.

Showplace for innovation and product improvements

Visitors at SYRIA STONE 2019 wanted information about new products. You too should use SYRIA STONE as sector platform and show your new products to a qualified and interested professional audience.

Types of Natural Stone:

Natural stone is a collective name for thousands of different types of stone, found and quarried all around the world. The appearances and the characteristics of natural stone are determined by the manner in which the stone was formed by: rives, volcanoes, tectonic folding (mountains). Each natural stone is unique, because no two places on earth have the exact same geological composition or experience, or the exact same geological forces. This means that natural stone of the same type can also differ widely.

For commercial purposes, natural stone is divided into several large groups: granite, marble, limestone, basalt and slate are the most important.

Why it's important for you to be there?

You are interested in the latest developments from the world of natural stone, stone processing technology and gravestone and would like to establish new contacts?  Then you are in the right place at SYRIA STONE!

 The value of natural stone

Stone is an essential element in construction, for its strength and beauty of form, which contributes to increase the aesthetic value of the building process. Stone takes 20% of the building process and even more if it is made of marble, ceramic or natural stone.

All the projects existing in Syria whether t for restorations, repairs or building projects have been taking stone as an essential element in construction for its beauty and durability.

Syria stone

Offers a unique opportunity for the construction industry from Syria and across the world, showcasing new products and technologies in the exhibition and discuss current and future developments in the associated


– It is an annual event meant to focus on the developments of Building Materials and Construction Technologies. The motive and objective behind the event is to bring forward the recent developments in the field of construction activities.

– It is also a convenient platform to meet the leading stalwarts in Syria and international construction industry, manufacturers, suppliers and professionals, to exchange views and discuss

the new projects with international companies.

– It is intended to be a great attraction to a large number of professionals and visitors both from Syria and abroad.

Photo Gallery from Syriastone Exhibitions