Windows & Doors Exhibition


-Offers  the construction sectors and consumers reaching the latest innovations of windows, glass technologies, accessories and auxiliary products. These new technologies which provide energy saving and security aspects .

– it is also a convenient platform to meet the leading stalwarts in Syria and International Construction Industry, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Professionals, Exchange views and discuss the new projects with international Companies.

– it is intended to be a great attraction to a large number of Professionals, Visitors both from Syria and Abroad.

Exhibition profile:

  • All Kinds of Windows
  • Aluminum Window Systems and Supplementary Products
  • Wooden Window Systems and Supplementary Products
  • Materials coating and coloring


  • PVC Window Mechanisms
  • Aluminum Window Mechanisms
  • Wooden Window Mechanisms
  • Window Handles
  • Window Hinges
  • Single Leaf / Double Leaf Espagnolettes
  • Lock Security Espagnolettes
  • Vent Sash Parallel Sliding Window Mechanisms
  • Folding Window Mechanisms
  • Pivot Axial Window Accessories
  • Guillotine Vertical Sliding Window Accessories
  • Window Lock Security Systems
  • Built in Locks, Barrels and Panic Function Lock Systems


  • -Manual, Automatic and Computer Controlled Profile & Window Production Machines
  • - PVC Corner Welding and Cleaning Machines, Robot CNC Lines
  • - Saws, Cutting and Profile Processing Machines
  • - Milling Cutter, Polishing, Boring Machines
  • - Window Fixing, Transporting, Stock Leaf Collecting Tables and Equipment
  • - Pneumatic Systems
  • - Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical Hand Tools
  • - Plastic Recycle Machines
  • - Extruders


  • -Shutter Panels, Shutters Motors, Shutters Rails
  • - Straw Piping for Shutters and Sliding Windows
  • - Window Ventilation and Shadow Systems
  • - Flypaper Systems and Auxiliary Materials
  • - Window Bracket Panels, Roller Blinds
  • - Exterior Systems


  • -Sheet glass , float, frosted , printed , laminated.
  • -glass door- window automation systems
  • -Production of decorative panels for glass door- windows and facades
  • -Laminated – security glass and insulating glass and producers
  • -insulating & sunblind glass and auxiliary materials producers
  • -insulating glass with decorated lathing and auxiliary materials producers
  • -glass transporting systems “suction cup , industrial suction cups , vehicles”
  • -winter gardens producers
  • -producers of glass window systems for balconies


  • -Manual automatic computer controlled glass production machines
  • -insulating glass production machines
  • -insulating glass production lines , butyl, thiocal? machines
  • -all kinds of glass cutting tables


  • -solid door panels and door systems composed
  • -wood door panels and their systems
  • -Craft door panels and their systems
  • -Laminated door panels and their systems
  • -PVC door panels and their systems
  • -Aluminum door panels and their systems
  • -Steel door panels and their systems
  • -Industrial doors
  • -Garage doors
  • -Door automation systems


  • -Window bracket panels , motors , rails
  • -PVC , aluminum wooden shutters
  • -Straw piping for shutters and sliding windows & doors
  • -Window ventilation systems
  • -Window –door flypaper systems and auxiliary materials
  • -Roller blinds , black–out curtains
  • -Exterior system


  • -Window production and fixing screws , wall plug and inserts
  • -Window insulation materials and chemicals “acrylic , silicon mastics , PUR foams”
  • -Window , door insulation and glass holding gaskets from all kinds of  material
  • -EPDM , neoprene , rubber , silicon , thermo – rubber
  • -Supportive sheet for PVC window-door profiles
  • -Steel door frames (adjustable, plain and piped)
  • Steel door security systems
  • Computer programs related with production, sales and logistics of window-glass

General informationThe venue :

New Fairgrounds City Damascus – Syria

Located in the capital city Damascus between the Airport and the International highway, the International

fairgrounds, which were recently constructed in 2003 boast state-of-the-art facilities and modern exhibition halls, occupies 1.2 million m2 with build exhibition space 63.000 m2, an open exhibition space 150.000 m2, 2.725 m2 business centre area, a paved parking with a capacity of more than 25.000 cars, in addition to 350.000 m2 gardens, indoor and service rooms according to the international standards.

Direct Access to Buyers

reach a new audience of key architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers, builders, developers and contractors


Meet new clients and develop relationships with existing clients.

Who you will meet

As an exhibitor, you will be able to extend your market share with buyers that you might have never met before.

These would include buyers from the following sectors:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Dealers
  • Glass and metal contractors
  • Door, gate and window manufacturers
  • Facade consultants
  • Investors
  • Door, facade and window contractors
  • Distributors
  • Interior designers
  • Fabricators
  • Facility managers
  • Wholesalers


As the market share of the residential market increases year by year, the development of windows and doors will usher in a golden period in Syria. A new added sector, Window & Door will be launched at Damascus International fairgrounds. This new Window &Door sector will showcase window & door system, new type of window and doors, high-end window and door, shutter and many more, creating a trading platform for both commercial and residential industry players.

Generate New Business

Window and door are important as every other elements in the construction filed for the completed buildings from the interiors and exteriors. As well as decoration equipment all the existing projects in Syria had included these elements supplementary products and accessories.


W & D Exhibition is the ultimate industry event in Syria connecting architects, builders, contractors, fabricators, real estate developers and traders. This annual trade fair brings international manufacturers and suppliers in the window, door and facade industries showcasing leading products across the world.

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