In the first visit of its kind after 8 years, the first Arab president to visit Damascus


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir at the Damascus International Airport after an absence of 8 years for an Arab president’s visit to the Syrian capital as a result of what happened to him. The two presidents then went to the People’s Palace where they held a meeting on bilateral relations and developments in the situation. Syria and the region.

During the meeting, Assad stressed that Syria, despite everything that happened during the war years, remained faithful to Arabism and stuck to it. At the same time, he pointed out that the reliance of some Arab countries on the West would not benefit any of their peoples.

For his part, al-Bashir said that Syria is a state of confrontation and weakening. it is a weakening of the Arab issues and what happened during the past years cannot be separated from this reality and despite the war remained steadfast in the constants of the Arab nation, and expressed the hope that Syria regain its health and its role in the region as soon as possible and Its people can decide the future of their own country away from any external interference, and stressed that his country stands by Syria and its security and is ready to provide what it can to support the territorial integrity of Syria..

At the end of the meeting, President al-Assad thanked al-Bashir for his visit and stressed that it would constitute a strong push for the return of relations between the two countries as they were before the war on Syria.