Russia is considering expanding Damascus airport to receive 15 million passengers

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 Russian State Duma deputy Dmitry Belek spoke of a Russian plan to expand Damascus International Airport to receive 15 million passengers Belek said that Russian investors in the field of airport construction announced their readiness to build stations and rehabilitation of infrastructure at Damascus airport, noting that negotiations with the Syrian side started in this area

The airport is scheduled to accommodate more than 15 million passengers, while currently receiving five million passengers, according to Transport Minister Ali Hammoud, during a meeting with a Russian delegation, last Monday

MP Dimitri Pelik said that the flights from Damascus International Airport to the Crimea, which was annexed by Russia to its territory, will be launched soon, and discussed by the Russian delegation with the Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud, noting that all the conditions required for that “available

The Russian delegation, which visited Damascus on Monday, proposed to the Syrian government to repair the Damascus International Airport