Syria has a wealth of promising and exceptional investment opportunities 


Between the Director General of the Syrian Investment Authority “Madien Diab” that all sectors promising to invest in Syria during this stage and are of major importance in the reconstruction, the most important sector of construction and infrastructure and the sector of manufacturing and extraction, which will provide the inputs and materials involved in reconstruction, energy and electricity,

The agricultural sector and its importance in supporting the economy and its stability, the transport sector, which is considered the vital artery of the economy

Diab pointed out that the Syrian Investment Authority is working to find the serious investor from the friendly countries and convince him of the feasibility of investing in Syria, taking into account the relative advantage enjoyed by countries to obtain the best investments, and through meetings and meetings with several delegations visited from these countries, Such as oil and gas, electricity, extractive, basalt, cement, manufacturing, textile, pharmaceutical and real estate development

Diab explained that the state of anticipation and reluctance of the foreign and domestic investor, which was prevalent in the crisis phase turned into a strong desire and direct messages to us and planning to enter the investment sector in Syria and seize opportunities, after the victory on terrorism and the return of security and safety and government work diligently to develop the legislative environment and institutional incubator for investment, That the eyes of investors all over the world are moving towards it”I expect unprecedented momentum in the volume and quality of investments flowing into Syria and a significant contribution to foreign and domestic investment in the process of reconstruction and development, and I believe that the efforts of the Authority in cooperation with the ministries and entities concerned with investment to provide all services and facilities in an optimal manner to facilitate the establishment procedures.

The implementation of these projects will culminate in a single window that achieves the concept of a single station and a uniform and transparent procedural guide, in order to achieve the great benefit of the national economy from the capital flowing to the investment sector

Diab said that participation in the economic and investment forums is an opportunity to contact local and expatriate investors, Arab and foreign investors, to familiarize them with the investment climate in Syria, its components, investment opportunities, and to identify their desires and turn them into investment opportunities.

In order to highlight the advantages of investment and to build a positive image of investment in Syria and enhance it in investors and influence their investment decision.

“The Syrian Investment Commission (SIA), within its plan for 2019, has established coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants to carry out an external promotional campaign to promote the investment climate return security and safety, the importance of dialogue culture, promoting peace and promoting mutual respect and coexistence among peoples.