Its capital is about LBP 134.6 billion … The Aleppo industry licenses 286 industrial and real estate projects

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During the current year, the Directorate of Aleppo Industry granted 286 licenses for industrial and professional projects with a capital of LBP 134.6 billion, which will provide 3212 jobs.The Director of Aleppo Industry Eng. Maan Zine El Abidine Jahba said in a statement to SANA’s representative that the number of licensing decisions for industrial projects in accordance with Law 21 of 1958, granted by the Directorate during the current year amounted to 219 with a capital of 5 billion and 904 million lira providing 2,912 jobs while granting licenses for 67 industrial craft Which provides 300 jobs with a capital of 239 million and 605 thousand pounds.

Eng. Jahbba explained that the Directorate granted 41 industrial and real estate records for projects and crafts that entered into work and production with a capital of 135 million lira, providing about 260 jobs, including 26 industrial projects with 153 million and 15 new industrial enterprises with a capital of 82 million lire, providing a total of 90 jobs.He stressed the existence of a good demand for the rehabilitation of industrial and handicraft facilities of industrialists and craftsmen through the facilities provided by the province and service institutions after the provision of energy and electrical nutrition carriers to some areas and industrial gatherings in the province.