Talks to link rail between Syria, Iraq and Iran     


The Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud held talks with the Minister of Roads and Construction of Iranian cities Mohammad Islami on the possibility of spying on the Syrian territory – Iraq – Syria, and will be delivered in the future between the station insight on the axis of Mahin East and phosphate mines to the crossing of Altnaf ,During the meeting, which took place at the Ministry of Transport in Damascus, discussions were held between those involved in the transport, visa, travel, capacity and carrying out tasks.

Coordination between the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sides is currently focused on economic and scientific feasibility studies that have been settled and responded by governmental and environmental agencies.

Especially in the reconstruction phase, the court becomes the region on a single axis from Iran to the Syrian ports, which means the flow of the road and developmental expansion on the course of the axis.

The talks also included the establishment of shipping lines and the work of vessels to cooperate and access to the training of railway institutes in Syria